Saturday, August 15, 2009

{wally's broke my heart}

wally's sandwich shop stopped offering QUITE POSSIBLY the BEST sandwich deal EVER. that's right, NO MORE five dollar subs on fridays. they still offer a competitive price on good subs with whatever you want on them for the same price, but their atmosphere hasn't gotten any better-in fact it's gotten worse. so if i go there again, it will be my stomach's decision, not my brain's or my wallet's.

Friday, August 14, 2009

{fighter maker}

this is a clip someone made using the old computer game "fighter maker", in which the player has to program all of their fighter's moves. totally worth it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

{finger complex benefit show}

i will be playing with the band "friday night midnight" at the finger benefit this saturday the 15th at 4:00pm . please come, as it will be more fun if you do! $3-5 donations are fun too!

Monday, August 10, 2009

{morning adventure}

i didn't go to bed last night. at around 5:50am or so, i ate a piece of toast and walked outside in bare feet. the sunrise was so breathtaking. i mean, really stunning. i had to go back and get my camera. i also put on my flip flops as i didn't plan on talking a walk.

as i live at the top of a hill, however, i naturally made my way down to the waterfront at the bottom. the quality of light this morning made everything crisp and pop out like 3-D glasses. the clouds were perfect. the water was still and more clear than normal, and reflected the sky like a mural.

crossing the bridge to downtown, i spotted an otter reclining in a little cove separated by the old train tracks. then i saw two more swimming around the inlet. i kept walking downtown. a guy went by on his bmx bike and did a sweet jump right in front of me.

i began examining every storefront as though i had never seen them before. capital city guitars has some ridiculously nice fenders right now, and a gorgeous silvertone. i passed by new moon cafe at 6:30am; they open at 7:00am. i kept going down 4th ave, and made it to the artesian well. it still gets me every time; totally free water, flowing all the time out of a copper pipe in a parking lot that no one really uses for parking.

i walked by the free wall and checked out the latest coats of spray paint. a man walking his pug without a leash came by, and the dog barked like i had offended him. i made it back to new moon at 6:55am, waited around for 5 minutes, and was the first one inside. i got the halo sandwich (egg, tomato, avocado, ham --> english muffin) and a short stack of pancakes, which was way too much food, but i ate it all. had i know the special i would have ordered the black metal pancakes. i sat there for an hour, drawing, talking to the waitress a little, and just soaking in what a classic cafe scene the new moon became with each new customer.

i left at exactly 8:01am, and as i walked back across the bridge, i saw more great blue herons than i have fingers. then i stared at what i soon realized was an adult bald eagle perched atop a pole in the middle of the inlet. i skidded down an embankment in my sandals down under the bridge to the train tracks to get a better look. i met several homeless men, and told them about the eagle, which seemed to surprise them less than my being there. i got a little ways out towards the bird, and it flew off, revealing its white tail feathers and six-foot wingspan.

i kept walking since i had come that far. i ended up in a construction zone, and walked out of it and straight onto the garfield nature trail. it was actually a shortcut to my street. i got home at 8:52am, just in time to say hello to my roommate before he caught the bus to work.
morning walk

{goings on}

i cleaned my room.
i have a sleeping disorder.
i am trying to hit nine for ten at the free throw line.
i am at six for ten now.
i have 38 days left until i leave my teens and enter my twenties.
i am going home in nine days.
i am going to get my wisdom teeth out in ten days.
my uncle turned 80 this year.
i'm trying to enjoy being young.

{moss beard adventures comic #1}

inspired by a visit to capital forest, just outside olympia.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

{some drawings}

be a man.


dark wizards.

state budget crisis resolution.

{click some things}


Norm MacDonald on Conan
Slow Loris Getting Tickled
Flying Lotus "Parisian Goldfish" Video
Kanye West "Can't Tell Me" Video
Hermeto Pascoal
Mark Gormley


City on the Bridge

Friday Night Midnight
Set to Sea
Arrington De Dionyso
Abe Vigoda
Lucky Dragons
Mount Eerie


none of these have been photoshoped. i own a haunted Canon PowerShot S410. sometimes, but not always, it distorts an image it captures, often beyond recognition, and completely leaves me out of the decision making process. but i love her so.