Saturday, November 6, 2010

{eat at darby's!}

this is a commercial i helped my friend make for darby's cafe in olympia. darby's sponsored a movie called the decline of western civilization part's 1 and 3, which are about punk music in the 80s and 90s, hence the punk theme. enjoy.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


recently, i found out that several months ago, a person and artist who i admired very much had passed away. her name is suki berg, and she was 93 years old. she was still painting in her 90s, and as she was a close family friend, i was fortunate enough to spend enough time with her to create some joyful memories with her tremendously light and beautiful soul.

for nearly the last decade of her life, her health would decline, and suki and her family were convinced she was about to die, and then she would remarkably get better again. she would keep on taunting the world with her relentless and bright humor. i believe that she was ready to pass on, and i think she waited to meet her newborn grandson david before she left us. a favorite phrase of hers was to say, "i made a deal with the lord. i said take me instead of taking another young person's life." i know
she had a very special impact on everyone who had the good fortune to meet her, she was truly a rare gem of such immeasurable spirit and wonder all contained in a tiny 4' 7" frame.

I have included some pictures of her artwork here, but this is just a tiny portion
of her extensive portfolio. i love you suki, knowing you was a true gift, and i'll miss your fire.

{blood circle}