Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{dinner with snock}

on sunday i saw michael hurley play los angeles. he played two of my favorite songs, "knockando" and "wildegeeses," and i gained some new favorites too. i met him after the show and bought a record, and through the wonder that is knowing great people, i was invited to hang out with him later that night at juliet's friend sylvie's dad's house. i know that sounds convoluted, but it just so happens michael and sylvie's dad are old buds. 

we first went to juliet's house where she cooked dinner for ten people in about a half an hour, and then we took it with us to their house. it was an intimidating scene to enter into at first, but i felt so incredibly pleased when i saw michael's eyes widen and glow when he bit into a roasted beet. "these are gooood beets," he said. after serving up some beans and lentils, fried rice, roasted beet greens, and fresh whole wheat bread, it was clear we had made some new friends.

we sat and ate and talked until one in the morning, sharing stories, telling jokes, talking about musicians, and praising the food and good company. i feel so fortunate to have met him and it was great just listening to his stories and finding out his favorite snack (bread with lots of butter and honey). i hope we meet again, although i'm not sure he really liked me all that much. he loved juliet, but there's no surprise.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{favorite screen shots}

series from season 3 of breaking bad, walt throws the pizza on the roof

shirtless british kid getting arrested for pictures of him brandishing a bat

shaq's big sweaty head

bbc news at it's finest

mugshots of some really criminal looking criminals
neti pot demonstration
from the credits of an episode of my so called life

no wait, this is bbc news at it's finest

Monday, January 7, 2013

{ragana - new album}

this song gives me the chills

Sunday, January 6, 2013

{windy city beats}

"Current Underwater Weather" // WALLPAPER LAKE from Jenna Caravello on Vimeo.

this summer we played a show in chicago with wallpaper lake, aka jake acosta. he performed this piece set to this incredible collage of original animation and found footage put together by his girlfriend, jenna caravello.


J Fernandez / "Fading Out" from Jenna Caravello on Vimeo.

jenna also recently made this music video for chicago musician j. fernandez. jake gave us a j. fernandez tape "olympic village" put out by his label teen river, and it's incredible.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013