Thursday, September 10, 2009


got my bike fixed for free.
got my amp fixed for free.

bought a Boss DD-7 delay pedal.

acquired lots of tapes, but still no tape player.

registered for "studio projects: land and sky" this fall.

think my digital camera that took distorted pictures is dead for good.

landed a nose grab over two stacked skateboards launching out of a quarter pipe.

fell skateboarding, cracked a rib, and i have an air bubble in my chest.

getting a $0.50 raise after taking a summer long furlough.

{huge birthday show}


come eat BBQ, see 14 cool bands, and wish me, brian, and kenneth a happy berfday!

eats: 4:00p
tunes: 5:00p

Friday, September 4, 2009

{station fire}

this is what i was breathing while i was home. 140,000 acres burnt.